IIGR Highlights
Some of our unique and innovative accomplishments have included:


Middle East Institute Publishes Dr. Maki Fukami’s Article

In March of 2016, Middle East Institute published ‘An “All-Hazards” Approach to Resilience: Benefits and Building Blocks”’ by Dr. Maki Fukami. The article discusses the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11th,2011 and how Japan as well as other counties should adopt an All-Hazards Approach. Dr. Fukami suggests three ideas for constructing a …

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Dr. Maki Fukami Makes Appearance on Final Series of JCAW

The Bureau Chief of Washington DC office of Fuji TV, a major Japanese network, Sumiko Mori, interviewed the president of IIGR Dr. Maki Fukami for her final series of Mori Sumiko’s “I Want to Ask this Person in DC!.” Dr. Fukami talks about her duties as the head of the International Institute of Global Resilience …

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Dr. Maki Fukami Named to Head IAEM’s Japan Council

Dr. Maki Fukami, the President of the International Institute of Global Resilience (IIGR), can now add a new title to her name: President of the Japan Council of the International Association of Emergency managers (IAEM). Dr. Fukami was appointed to this position at the November 2015 annual IAEM Conference in Las Vegas. At the conference, …

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IIGR supports the US-Japan Coast Guard Seminar

On February 19, 2015, IIGR supported the US-Japan Coast Guard Seminar sponsored by the Japan International Transport Institute (JITI). The seminar was entitled, “The Current Status and Future of U.S.-Japan Coast Guard Cooperation in the Asia Pacific”. The seminar brought together participants from both the U.S. and Japan for numerous interesting discussions. It was a …

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IIGR has developed an ICS guidebook in Japanese

IIGR has developed an Incident Command System (ICS) guidebook in Japanese, the first such guidebook in Japan. The guidebook was developed in cooperation with the Japan Medical Association, the Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). ICS is a management system whose principles can be applied to …

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Receive the 2013 IAEM Chairman’s Award

In 2013, IIGR received the Chairman’s Award from the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) “For exceptional efforts to establish a strong partnership between Japanese emergency managers and their colleagues globally.” As a new organization that is struggling to address major issues following the 2011 disaster in Japan, we at IIGR felt especially honored to …

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