So Eun Park
Intern: January – May, 2015

So Eun Park began attending Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea in March 2010. Her courses centered on international affairs, politics and history. She graduated from the university in February 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Science.While she was studying abroad in Singapore, she became interested in international affairs, especially in how cultures, history and political situations affect the relationship of various countries in international society.She began The Washington Center’s International Affairs program in January 2015. Through The Washington Center, she was offered an internship with the International Institute of Global Resilience.


Comment from So Eun

As an international student who had no experience in American working environment and also had no idea what emergency management meant, I worried a lot about my internship even before it began. However, on the first day of the internship, I was able to feel that I would enjoy working in IIGR with an excellent supervisor and other co-workers. Since I had no prior knowledge about emergency management, I first had to learn what emergency management was. I read several articles and a book about emergency management, and also took FEMA online courses. After that, I explored in-depth about emergency management in Korea. I learned what are good and bad points about Korean emergency management system, and compared them with American system. I was also able to attend CERT courses and got a certificate. From a student who had no knowledge and interest in emergency management, I became a person who is deeply concerned with Korean emergency management system and who would like to seek future career in this field. The atmosphere of the office was very friendly and everyone respected each other. Furthermore, my supervisor Leo always helped me and gave me useful advice which enabled my internship to be successful. My internship at IIGR gave me an everlasting memory and I learned and gained so many things during this four months that I cannot write everything here.



Working Paper

Disaster Management in Korea
Disaster Management in Korea