To overcome disaster hand in hand with our friends across the world.

IIGR_Lets-Start-Tomorrow-TodayDisaster preparedness and response are normally addressed locally, then within a State, Prefecture, or Region, and finally within a single country. But while disasters may be seen as rare events in any one locality or country, from a global point of view a disaster occurs every year somewhere in the world. If disaster practitioners from around the world connect with each other and share their experience and knowledge, disaster preparedness and response can be improved everywhere. In that regard, IIGR’s mission is to help strengthen the readiness and professionalism of the emergency management community worldwide through training, education, consulting, and research.


Currently, our primary focus is on Japan, a key friend and ally of the United States. Our two main goals are to:

  • Help strengthen emergency management and disaster resilience in Japan and the United States through mutual learning, and
  • Work to improve Japan – U.S. cooperation in disasters, including cooperation on Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR) in the Asia Pacific Region.

In the future, we hope to do similar work related to other countries as well.