IIGR Highlights
Some of our unique and innovative accomplishments have included:


Senator Mori Gives Keynote Speech

In November of 2017, Senator Masako Mori gave a keynote speech about Fukushima and Women’s Empowerment in Disaster, while wearing a kimono that was made by women in Fukushima. Senator Mori received a standing novation of 2000 people after her speech.

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IIGR Hosts Awards Luncheon

In November of 2017, IIGR hosted an Award Luncheon with 2000 participants. During the Award Luncheon, Senator Masako Mori was officially recognized as the Honorary President.  

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Former FEMA Administrator Gives Lecture

In September of 2017, former FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate held a lecture and reception in Tokyo. Craig Fugate talked about what is needed in an event of a disaster and what the government should do based on his 8 years of experience working as the Secretary of FEMA.

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IIGR/IAEM Emergency Management Leadership Summit in Tokyo

In September of 2017, IIGR/IAEM Emergency Management Leadership Summit was held in Tokyo as IIGR’s 5thanniversary special event. Six Japanese executives including Hon. Masako Mori joined the Executive PDTC and received certificates. The certificates were awarded by Ellis Sanely, the Chairman of IAEM, and Craig Fugate, the former FEMA Administrator. The members who attended this …

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Dr. Fukami Gives Lecture at Kingfisher Global Leadership Program

In September of 2017, Dr. Maki Fukami gave a lecture at the Kingfisher Global Leadership Program. The Kingfisher Global Leadership Program is a multi-disciplinary program implemented by the S&R Foundation, and provides a cross-cultural experience. For more information on the Kingfisher Global Leadership Program, please click on the link below. https://sandrfoundation.org/programs/kingfisher-global-leadership-program

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