Keio University Event

IIGR and the S&R Foundation have partnered with the Graduate School of System Design and Management (SDM) at Keio University in Japan to host Keio University SDM students. These students are pre-screened and come from varieties of background including, medical field or business background. This program is designed to give international exposure and insights to competent students by welcoming them in Washington, DC for an intensive 5-day course with lectures by Dr .Kathy McKoy from FEMA, Ms. Katheleen Henning from IAEM, Dr. Shaw and Dr. Barbera from GWU, Kerry and Leo from IIG, and more.

From Keio University students:

“Leaning emergency management system in the U.S. helped me identify the void in the Japanese system. Experience I gained through the program will be extremely helpful as I move onto the professional world.”

“The opportunity to exchange ideas with other students and to learn from experts was very valuable experience for me. It also helped me expand the boundary of ideas.”

“The whole program was such a valuable experience… especially to have an opportunity to learn very practical concept like system design and management.”

“Having an opportunity to interact and engage in discussion with Drs. Kuno, Ueno and Fukami was such an inspirational experience for me. It gave me a new motivation to further my skills. Thank you so much.”

“The program covering emergency management from broad range of view was very useful and valuable.”