IIGR and IAEM Present 2-Day Lecture “Global Resilience from Japan”

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Event Description

iaemTwo years after the tragic earthquake and tsunami of 3/11, the International Institute of Global Resilience (IIGR) and IAEM are co-hosting “Global Resilience from Japan,” a 2-day lecture featuring globally recognized emergency management leaders. The event will deepen attendees’ understanding of effective disaster response and management, through reflections on experiences and lessons learned from the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

The “Global Resilience from Japan” lecture will be one of the first collaborations through the recently announced partnership between IIGR and IAEM.

The event will feature world-renowned emergency management professionals who can offer a global perspective on disaster response and management, including:

  • Ellis Stanley, Sr., IAEM-USA Council Representative
    Mr. Stanley has been working in the field of emergency management for more than 35 years and has led delegations of emergency management professionals, including in Japan, and held seminars internationally. Mr. Stanley will present the keynote address.
  • Kathleen Henning, IAEM Region 3 President and a member of IAEM’s board of directors
    From her experiences responding to disasters including the tragedies of September 11 and Hurricane Katrina in 2006, Ms. Henning has presented around the world on emergency management and disaster planning. Ms. Henning will present an Incident Command System (ICS) training session.
  • Dr. Maki Fukami, President of IIGR
    Dr. Fukami is one of Japan’s leading emergency management scientists and can present an expert perspective on the unique emergency management issues and challenges that impact Japan. Dr. Fukami has led the development of the “Global Resilience from Japan” lecture.
  • Leo Bosner, MSW
    Mr Bosner served as an emergency management specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Washington, D.C. for 29 years, where he helped plan for and respond to disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Mr. Bosner has presented emergency management lectures in Japan, and has published results of his research on national emergency preparedness and the response to the March 2011 earthquake.
  • Daryl Lee Spiewak, Certified Emergency Manager (CEM), Certified Texas Emergency Manager (TEM)
    Mr. Spiewak is a founder and vice president of the Foundation for Higher Education Accreditation, which seeks to accredit emergency management degree programs worldwide. He has been active in national, international, and state emergency management associations, serving in various leadership roles. Mr. Spiewak will present a lecture on the CEM program.

We invite participants to join us live in Washington, DC at Evermay or via Webinar.